Photosynthesis (or Gimme Some Sugar)

The following is a comic book story about photosynthesis. It was posted one page at a time and feedback from educators and researchers helped guide the refinement of the science presented. Anyone who teaches photosynthesis is welcome to use as much or as little as they like for their classes. If you do use it in your classes, let us know how it worked!















  1. faith’s avatar

    this is so cool. I couldn’t got enough I of it I got an A+ an my science test

  2. faith’s avatar

    this is so cool. I couldn’t got enough I of it I even got an A+ an my science test :)

  3. Ann’s avatar

    Brilliant comic. I’m teaching photosynthesis in year 10 right now – unfortunately in German – I’d love to use the comic!

  4. tara’s avatar

    Thank you so much for this, I’m going to give it to my grade 12′s tomorrow, I think that it will do a better job than any textbook, notes, or lecture that I could give them. I can’t wait to see how they respond. I may use this to develop some role-playing in the future, thanks for the great resource, and inspiration!

  5. tara’s avatar

    So, it went over extremely well. I put this together with my student with ADHD in mind, and he asked why I can’t make a cartoon like this for every lesson. Hahaha. In any case, your cartoon was the talk of the science staff room today, the other teachers loved it. I made a worksheet to go with it, I’d love to share, if you’re interested (send me an email).
    Thanks again,


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    I use the comic with my 7th grade homeschooled child as a repetition and we both LOVE it! We don’t learn biology in English but the comic is great opportunity to introduce a bit of science vocabulary. Thank you!

  8. Emanation’s avatar

    I Home educate my son and he absolutely LOVES all your work, if you could just swiftly create graphic novels to cover the whole science curriculum I would be extremely grateful, thank you, you genius!

  9. admin’s avatar

    I’m working on it, Emanation! Slowly but surely…

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