Revision extravaganza! New pages and a online poll!

It was a busy, busy weekend. I sang in a Christmas concert, Lisa catered a retirement reception and Grandma and Grandpa Guerra were in town. Lots fun and running around, but not a lot of time to write or draw. So, over the weekend I thought a lot about some of the suggestions folks have sent my way about the latest pages. Today I took the opportunity to work through some revisions and new ideas.

The first integrates a comment from esteemed colleague and botanist Dana Dudle at DePauw University. Dana correctly noted that it takes more than one photon to pop an electron off P680. I knew that the stoichiometry was off but hadn’t forced myself to come up with a explanatory solution. I think this tweak may work. I have changed Ant Edna’s dialogue in panel three of page 8. It isn’t a huge change but I hope it is sufficient to suggest that it takes more than one photon to do this without derailing the flow of the dialogue.

Photosynthesis_pg08The second revision suggestion comes from my Comic and Culture teaching partner Dave Hsiung. Dave gave me a number of terrific suggestion, but we will start with an idea for page 3. Dave thought that the flow of the figure depicting light-dependent and light-independent reactions required the reader to make less than intuitive right and left turns as they moved through the figure. Page 3 was never one of my favorites and Dave’s suggestions were compelling (he even drew me a new suggested flow diagram). So here I present the original page, the revision and a link to a cheesy online poll so you can vote for your favorite!



The REVISION: still in the pencil stages…


And now tell me what you think by voting in this awesome ONLINE POLL!

Click here to take survey

3 thoughts on “Revision extravaganza! New pages and a online poll!

  1. When I tried to vote (for the original), I was told “You cannot vote repeatedly.” But I have not! There was only one vote listed in the results, and it was for the revision. I think there is a script problem.

    But I vote for the original, if you care. 🙂

  2. Hm, that was difficult. I really liked the original, because it looks like charts, or maybe like separate power point slides (it’s more like a lecture than the new one). The new one is more intuitive and I think the flashing neon glucose sign at the end is great, so for me it’ll give the revision a slight edge over the original.

  3. I care, Sophie! I updated the link to a new survey site (Survey Monkey) that seems to be working. If you haven’t made it official you might want to give it a try.

    Thanks for your vote as well, Nils! It is a tough call for me as well.

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