Trick or treat!

Max and Jack had a fun-filled Halloween here in Greencastle. Festivities began at four on the downtown square as ghost, goblins and washing machines paraded through area business for holiday staples like a Halloween flower form the local florist and free Scholastic books from the public library (we got books by Margret Wise Brown and Jack Prelutsky). The square was crammed with people which pushed me to my misanthropic limits. The heavy truck traffic pushed me over the edge and we headed to campus to tick or treat Jack’s student teacher. After a dorm visit (sadly bereft of trick or treaters despite student enthusiasm), we headed home for some downtime before hittin the neigborhood for booty.

Lisa stayed home to dole out the goodies as the boys met up with some friends to crise the neighborhood. I got a chance to chat with a number of interesting colleagues as we herded an excited amoeba of kids through Seminary and Anderson Streets. We made it for about an hour, before we were to candy laden to go on. Plus, I made us stop. The exhaustion from the walking seems to have outweighed the sugar rush they were riding, since they went to sleep quickly!

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