My Flame Challenge entry…snuffed!

On the first of April I submitted a piece to Alan Alda’s Flame Challenge. Apparently, when Alda was 11 he asked his teacher to explain a flame and received “it’s oxidation” as a rather unsatisfactory explanation. The Flame Challenge is a simple idea: have scientists explain what a flame is to an 11-year old. So, I thought “I’m a scientist. Kinda.” and then I thought “I explain science to kids with comics. Sorta.” So, I made the comic below. I just heard today that it wasn’t selected for the top 15. While it is sad to have my hopes extinguished, I really did enjoy the opportunity to think and write about a topic not normally in my wheelhouse. I am already thinking of ways to modify the story to turn it into the first few pages of a story on cellular respiration. So, it’s all good. I hope you enjoy it.


10 thoughts on “My Flame Challenge entry…snuffed!

  1. I was all [fired up] about the facebook post however, the excitement [flickered] when I learned you didn’t make the cut.

  2. dance with the Devil, you’re gonna get burned.

    I didn’t enter, I couldn’t even as-pyre to such a glowing attempt. Sure, I may wax poetic, and even flare into brilliance at times. But I cannot hold a candle to yours- I’m no match for you when it comes to comics.

    Rem-ember it’s the attempt that counts!

  3. Great googaly moogaly, surely the interwebs will buckle under the pugilistic punches of such pyrotechnic punnery, Kevin. My head swims!

  4. Sudorific, indeed, Karen. It would seem in the world of Flame competitions that I was a bit wet behind the ears!

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