ATP, Episode 6

We kick off Juniata’s spring break with page 6 of the ATP story. In this episode, we introduce a ginormous scissor-shaped protein to illustrate how ATP affects the function of another molecule. As I was inking the scissors, I was wondering about what exactly I was thinking. I have to redraw this a couple more times and I am already sick of all of the pluses and minuses. Only a few pages to go. Then I need to start writing the story of cellular respiration…

UPDATED: Page 6 and 7 have been modified at the suggestion of my lovely wife and primary editor. Lisa pointed out two visual sticking points she thought could be improved. First, it seemed to her that putting the phosphate right at the hinge would block the blades from closing completely. Second, she didn’t feel there were enough positively charged amino acids in the handles for the phosphate to pull on. At first I resisted the suggestions. (Frankly, I didn’t want to do the work.) But, she was spot on. It is nice to be married to someone with good visual literacy. I have included the updated version below the original.

You can read the story from the beginning on the ATP post.


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