ATP, Episode 2

Here is the second page of the ATP story. The first page set-up our cast and the nature of their relationships with the hopes that this will pay comedic dividends later. The second page starts easing us into the topic. Specifically, I wanted to poke fun at the metaphors (or are they similes?) that we use to describe how ATP works. Don’t get me wrong, these can be very useful mechanisms to start thinking about something. Unfortunately, it is very easy for our understanding to go no further than these surface analogies. When that happens, it is much more difficult to understand other fundamental aspects of biology. So, we have a little fun and set ourselves up for a little more depth. The content in this story is comparable to the content contained in the four pages from our Intro Bio text that discusses how ATP functions.

You can read the story from the beginning in the ATP story post.


3 thoughts on “ATP, Episode 2

  1. Hi Jay,

    I like the story so far! I do have a little grammar/spelling nitpick: I think you might mean “piqued” instead of “peaked” in the fifth panel.

    I’ll await the next installation with bated breath.

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