ATP story starring Wilbur and Ant Edna

There are a lot of projects that I have in the works that I can’t really talk about, so it is fun to actually put something out there that folks will seen sooner rather than later. Presenting ATP!

This story is a follow-up on the Photosynthesis story from last year and will focus on the basics of how ATP works. As I did with the Photosynthesis story, I will post this story a page at a time and invite comments from anyone willing to chime in. The story is written and the science has been vetted by a couple of colleagues, but any feedback will be useful. I am looking for comments on clarity, integrity of the science and entertainment value. The story will probably only be about 8-10 pages. For this tale, Harvey the grasshopper joins Wilbur and Ant Edna.


  1. Sharon’s avatar

    Looks good! Can’t wait to read more. I teach about what it means for ATP hydrolysis to “drive” reactions – let’s see what you do with it, mister!

  2. shynia’s avatar

    omg this help so much