Parents and Artists

My friend and painter Sandy McBride once said that the only people who care about kids’ art are parents and artists. So, that makes me doubly interested in the artwork we made over the last couple days. The first is an piece Max did featuring a creepy long armed character moving among various panels of color and texture (he used pencils and markers here). I am especially fond of the mysterious opening revealing the various cogs and gears of an unknown machine.

Max _gears

Next up we have Jack’s War Elephant. Jack has been working diligently on a school project about the Punic Wars. (I love these projects because I get to learn cool, new stuff from the boys). His poster focused on the armor and weapons used by the Carthaginians during the first of these epic battles. He illustrated his poster board profusely, but my favorite picture is his War Elephant. I think I want one in time for my next faculty meeting..


Finally, if you are looking for something to do with the kiddies this August, send them to Ceramics Camp at Juniata. Our potter Bethany Benson is in charge and, as you can see from the smiling faces in this ad, a good time was had by all. Both Max and Jack loved the camp. Plus, as Max is demonstrating, getting your hands dirty is fun…


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