Feeling testy

I team teach our Biology II course and my half of the semester is drawing to an end. I am currently proctoring their second (and final) test for me before my colleague Jill Keeney takes over.They have been a really good class to teach – very responsive in lecture and clever. Of course, please don’t tell them that or it will spoil my reputation as an unapproachable meanie. This is what the middle third of the class looks like (my computer camera can’t quite capture the panoramic grandeur of the entire class).

No noticeable beads of sweat yet. But its early.

Photo 397

4 thoughts on “Feeling testy

  1. You have an extraordinarily high count of left handed students there. Or is the picture just flipped?

    cheers, Petros (observant leftie)

  2. What’s with all the lefties. I counted four out of ten with pencils in their left hand, and possibly 2 more.

  3. I wasn’t sure about it so I asked a few students in the class. All the lefties in the picture are righties. Turns out the camera built into my MacBook Pro flips the picture horizontally. Ooops.

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