Photosynthesis reminder.

I’ve heard from a handful of colleagues who plan to use my Photosynthesis comic Gimme Some Sugar in their bio courses this year. If you know of anyone teaching general biology, botany, etc that might be interested, please tell them about the comic. It is online line at the link above.

Photosynthesis is the first topic I cover in Bio II and we start tomorrow. I’m having the students read the comic in advance of our first class and upload their answers to the following questions on Moodle. They aren’t difficult but that may prevent a cursory reading of the material.

1. What are the reactants and products of photosynthesis?
2. What are the two major sets of reactions?
3. Where are the photosystems located?
4. Why does Wilbur lose his head but Ant Edna doesn’t?
5. Why is splitting water so important to photosynthesis?
6. What are hydrogen ions used to make in photosynthesis?
7. Why is Wilbur’s head passed around?
8. What does rubisco do?

My hope is that they have the basics in hand before they come to our first meeting and we have a more meaningful discussion. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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