Clan Apis, 6th Printing!

The idea of doing a comic book about the natural history of bees was met with a resounding thud when I proposed it to a few publishers back in 1998. Fortunately, with the enthusiastic support of Lisa and my friends Daryn, Gib and Rod of the Laughing Ogre, I put together a grant proposal for Peter Laird’s Xeric Foundation to get the money I would need to print the first comic issue. I received the news that the grant was funded the same week my NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship grant was funded. The NIH grant would fund three years of research and my salary. The Xeric grant would help me print 1000 copies of a floppy comic about bees. Can you guess which one I more excited about?

Anyway, it’s been 13 years since then and we just did our sixth printing of Clan Apis (and the third printing of The Sandwalk Adventures). I am deeply grateful for the hard work of Daryn Guarino at Active Synapse and for all of the support from scientists, comics professionals and fans who have written over the years. And, of course, thanks to my family who are forced to read everything I do and give feedback while tiptoe-ing around my fragile ego.

I have included a picture of each book. The cover of The Sandwalk Adventures features a new matte finish.

Photo on 2011-08-04 at 09.19

5 thoughts on “Clan Apis, 6th Printing!

  1. Congratulations. People keep not returning the copies I loan them (I think I am currently Apis-less…again) so I’m glad there’s always more to be had!

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