Grades are in, Beetles are back

I submitted my grades at 1:00 pm yesterday and by 1:15 pm I was working on a new page for Age of Elytra. Most of my comics work over the school year has been with Ant Edna and Wilbur in the 22-page photosynthesis story Gimme Some Sugar and the 8-page story Tag for Free Comic Book Day. The style for those was pretty spare and flat. It is fun to get all detaily again. I have restructured the story a bit since I last worked on it and I think we are looking at about six more chapters. My hope is to get the rest of it completely written and a big chunk of it penciled this summer. To celebrate the resumption of the beetle work, I am posting the page I did yesterday. I removed the dialogue, because I don’t want to ruin anything for you, but I can tell you this: something is happening.


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