Free Comic Book Day

Today was Free Comics Book Day and comic shops around the country were inundated with folks looking for sweet, free comic goodness. As has been my tradition for the last five years, I spent a big chunk of the day sitting at a table with fellow cartoonist Jarod Rosello at The Comics Swap in State College. Normally, I don’t have anything to give away for free, but this year Jarod had the brilliant idea to put together a free mini. So, along with our other fellow cartoonist Denny Connolly, we each put together an 8 page story for a 24 page extravaganza called Evolution of Adventure (the title wasn’t my idea, but i love it for obvious reasons). The cover was done by yet another fellow cartoonist Alexis Bennett. All in all it was a pretty nice package. We managed to unload all 117 copies (yes, yes, they were free, but people didn’t have to take one…). So, in the spirit of Fee Comics Book Day and for those of you who couldn’t make it (you know who you are), I am posting my story here. It features the return of Ant Edna and Wilbur.


4 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day

  1. Great! I wonder how you come up with ideas like “Melanogaster Tag-Master”. 🙂

    Fre Comic Book Day comes to Germany next Saturday, but according to the official website, they don’t get ‘Evolution of Adventure’ – something really must have gone wrong there. 😉 Thanks for posting the comic here …

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