Family night with The Hornets.

Last Tuesday was family night at Juniata Valley Elementary school and I got to be part of the festivities. A few years back I designed some characters for my friend Laura White’s sustainability group as a way to talk about recycling with kids. They were c alled the R Squad and tehir membership included The Reducer, The Recycler, The Repairer and The Reuser. This year our shared friend Pam Grugan decided to use the R Squad for a family night at JV Elementary focused on sustainability. I played the role of visiting author/cartoonist/creator of the characters. We spent some time talking about each character and designing our character “Earthy” who played the role of planet in distress. Then everybody drew a cartoon featuring one of the characters saving Earthy from peril. It was a lot of fun for a number of reasons. First, the the Juniata Valley Hornets are great kids (with a great mascot). Second, we had a gaggle of nieces and nephews visiting who could come with us. And third, Pam had the characters blown-up life size so we could get our pictures taken with them. Lisa was on hand with her camera at the ready…

Jay 2

Jay 3

Jay 6

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