New Comics: Photosynthesis, the last 3 pages!

I just got back from a terrific visit to Ashland University where I spoke to two of David Fitzsimmon’s English classes (David is also a naturalist and professional photographer – check out his site), gave a public lecture to the Biology Department and participated in a discussion of science communication for Mason Posner’s Biology capstone seminar. It was a lot of fun and, as is usually the case when I visit another campus, I got more than I gave. But, despite all the traveling and talking, I still managed to draw the last three pagesĀ  of the photosynthesis story. Ta-daaa. It is done. Hope you like it. If you teach photosynthesis in your classes and think you can use this story I would love to hear about it.

These pages have been added to the finally-appropriately-named Whole Enchilada post.


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