New comics: Photosynthesis, Page 18

The looming winter ice storm provoked a state of emergency in PA and Juniata College canceled classes yesterday. Very nice. Even better was that the storm kinda fizzled, so conditions weren’t awful. We took a walk around our woods and watched the forest melt. It was raining under the trees! Very cool. But what made this day really great was that I had time to catch-up on my grading AND draw a new photosynthesis page.

Now we are in the home stretch. I really mean it this time. Lisa laughs because I have been saying there are 4 more pages to go for the last 8 pages. I wasn’t sure if I should finish they story as quickly as possible, but my colleague Norris Muth used the story in his Botany course and his kids all though a big picture sequence to tie things together would be very useful. My constituents have spoken.

This is the first page of a summary that attempts to draw the process together and underscore the similarities. I wanted to run photosystem I and II in parallel because they are so often present as being linear when they really are serially absorbing photons. Obviously, the flow of electrons from photosystem II to photosystem I via plastocyanin is linear, so I tried to do both on this page. Of course, I’m not sure I understand what I just wrote, so with any luck the comic will make more sense. There is one page to summarize the Calvin cycle and then three pages of silly story to finish it off.

And, of course, the page has been added to the rest of the story in the Whole Enchilada post.


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