New comics: Photosynthesis, page 17

We’re in the home stretch for this story. Here is the Calvin cycle in all of its whirling glory! My original intent was to make this a ferris wheel or roller coaster of some sort, but decided that was getting a bit too cute. Instead, we have a more direct explanation with what I hope is a pleasing design. Plus, there are sounds effects like ZAP and BZZt to give it a little shot of excitement. The “meh” by rubisco is my favorite bit. The toughest decision on this page was whether to write the text in the arrows upside down (as the appear below) or right side up in the second two arrows. Obviously, the later would be easier to read while the first option requires you to strain your neck a bit (or flip your laptop upside down) to read the text. Why would I opt for giving you a pain in the neck? I’ll let you take a look at the page and try to explain myself below.


So, what was I thinking, right? First, I had originally drawn it with the text oriented for easy reading, however, I noticed that as I was reading left to right, the action of the cycle was moving from right to left. Second, in the right-side-up text version, the text in the second arrow ends with “…molecules of G3P” but that text was positioned right over the 3-phosphoglycerate (and the term 3-phosphoglycerate was positioned over the G3P). By flipping the text, you read with the flow of the diagram and the the text ends with the end product found in the arrow. Finally, when this story is printed, readers will rotate the book to read the text, further driving home the cyclical nature of the Calvin cyle.

O.K., that last one really is post hoc baloney. But the first and second are really what was going through my mind as I was composing the page. The new page is archived with the full story in the Whole Enchilada post.

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  1. OK, just notice I spelled ‘cycle’ wrong smack-dab in the middle of the page. In BIG letters. Good job me. back tot he drawing board….

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