New Comics: Photosynthesis, page 16

Is it too much to hope for a little Kirby-inspired grandeur in a comic about photosynthesis? I hope not, because that’s what I was going for. Rubisco is a monstrously big cube of protein, but it is also relatively inefficient. I had always imagined it as a big, impassive galoot with lids at half mast. I also wanted something that make the page interesting and fun (to me, at least). For some reason Galactus and Ego, the living planet came to mind and the central image on the page popped into my head.

As always, this page also appears with the full story over at the Whole Enchilada.


5 thoughts on “New Comics: Photosynthesis, page 16

  1. Jim O! It has been far, far too long. I miss our SPX meals with John K. What is the next big project? Please give me a heads up so I can do my little part to promote it. I saw the pages by Leland on your blog and they looked great. You doing an shows this year?

  2. GALACTUS!!! The Galactus Trilogy was, and still is my favorite comic series of all time (after The Sandwalk Adventures of course)! As you may or may not remember, I was a big Fantastic Four fan and as a kid, I prized those three issues above ALL others in my collection. My friends thought I was a weirdo because they were all about the X-Men. The mere mention of Galactus just sent me on a trip down memory lane that other comics don’t do. I refuse to see the movie. I’m pretty sure the yellowed comics are somewhere in my parent’s attic and now I want to go find them and read them all over again.

  3. Hey Dave, do you supposed scientists are more inclined to be drawn to the super-science of the FF? That’s what I always found interesting about them. Heck, the fact that Peter Parker was a scientist was what drew me to Spider-Man. Seems like there should be grant money someplace to study such an important topic….

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