Photosynthesis, page 14

Y’know, it it was 50 degrees outside right now, I would be walking round without a coat. But thanks to a delivery snafu, we are temporarily without oil and 50 degrees inside seems pretty doggone chilly. We are all in the office, huddling around the EdenPURE,  all in all it is nice productive family time. Which brings us to today’s photosynthesis page, produced under the watchful gaze of Max and Jack (the disembodied head bit never gets old with them).  It has been added to the full story in the Whole Enchilada archive.

On a completely unrelated note, the quote of the weekend goes to Jack. We curled up under blankets last night to watch the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and I couldn’t contain my frustration with the crappy science used to explain magic (my patience may have been worn thin by the cold…). So much elementary school science so painfully wrong (which wouldn’t have been so bad if the main character wasn’t, y’know, a physicist). Truthfully, I have no problem with magic in a movies or books (i.e. Harry Potter, Fablehaven, etc) just don’t try to make it believable. You can’t. It’s MAGIC.  Anyway, when it was all over Jack innocently pointed out to me that, with regards to the explanation of magic, “Dad, without the stupid parts, they couldn’t have made the movie.” I  completely agree. Ok, I feel better. Here’s the page…


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