A science comic about ribozymes by one of my favorite cartoonists!

I know what you’re going to say:”Jay Hosler is one of THOSE parents. Trying to mold his his kids in his own image.” I’m not, I swear. If I were my kids would be a writhing ball of neuroses desperately (and constantly) seeking the approval of others.  Trust me, those are not my kids. No, the following comic was completely Max’s idea. For his school writing project he had to incorporate an image to his explanation. He decided to do a mini-comic on ribozymes. I was obviously delighted because, hey, science comics! I can help with that! He did a terrific job. He wrote and revised the explanation a couple of times and then did the layout of the entire story himself, penciling and inking the whole piece himself. He is sooooo far ahead of where I was at his age.


Nice recommendation!

Boy, howdy, this made my day. Neil Gaiman recommended Clan Apis to one of his readers. Sweet! Here’s the link to prove that I am not completely delusional…

The 2012 Reading Record for the Huntingdon County Library

It’s spring so it must be time to draw the Reading Record for the Huntingdon County Library’s Summer Reading Program.  This year’s theme is “Dream Big.”

Reading Record_2012_small

My Flame Challenge entry…snuffed!

On the first of April I submitted a piece to Alan Alda’s Flame Challenge. Apparently, when Alda was 11 he asked his teacher to explain a flame and received “it’s oxidation” as a rather unsatisfactory explanation. The Flame Challenge is a simple idea: have scientists explain what a flame is to an 11-year old. So, I thought “I’m a scientist. Kinda.” and then I thought “I explain science to kids with comics. Sorta.” So, I made the comic below. I just heard today that it wasn’t selected for the top 15. While it is sad to have my hopes extinguished, I really did enjoy the opportunity to think and write about a topic not normally in my wheelhouse. I am already thinking of ways to modify the story to turn it into the first few pages of a story on cellular respiration. So, it’s all good. I hope you enjoy it.


Goin’ Retro for Registration

Here’s a little ditty I did to remind folks that sequential SmArt is May 18th. Pass it around to any teachers and comic readers who might be interested! Conference info is at sequentialsmart.com