Wednesday Weirdness

Every morning I bring Jack and Max into school with me. Max gets dropped off at the Middle School and then Jack and I head over to my office to hang out for 40 minutes until the elementary school opens its doors. This morning we played a game of finishing each other’s stories. We started with four index cards and we each started a comic story on the first panel. he used his unnamed cat character and I used Wrinkles the Wonder Brain. When we finished the first panel, we exchange them and Jack drew the second panel of my story and I did the second panel of his. We did this for three panels and then had to scurry out the door for school, so I did one final fourth panel to draw the two stories together. As you can see form the content, Jack and I may differ chronologically in age, but mentally we are still fourth graders.


Exhibits in Pittsburgh and Huntingdon

This weekend is chock full of fun stuff. On Friday an exhibit called The Art of Illustration opens in the Art Space in downtown Huntingdon. The opening is from 6-9 and I will be on hand with the extremely talented Suzanne Beaky. The exhibit will also feature the work of Caldecott award-winner and local son Chris Raschka.

On Saturday the whole Hosler clan will be at Pittsburgh’s Toonseum for a couple talks co-sponsored by Burgh Bees, Pittsburgh’s beekeeping community. At 4:00 I will be doing a kids workshop where we draw and talk about bugs. At 7:30 there I will talk about making science comics, drawing bees and the process of merging science and art.

If you live in the area, stop by. It should be fun!