Yes, this is what it felt like.

I had a great time at the BioScholar Assessment Institute. There was a perfect blend of new information, time to apply it and formative feedback. The facilitators modeled excellent teaching and I am grateful for their efforts. We all learned so much about good assessment and now my cohort of scholars gets to do something with that knowledge! For those wondering what an intensive three days of assessment training feels like, I offer the following cartoon.


BioScholar powers activate! Form of…a Rubric!

I am currently a participant in the Biology Scholar Assessment Residency sponsored though the American Society of Microbiologist. This program kicks off a long odyssey of improving assessment with at an intensive assessment workshop at the headquarters of ASM in Washington DC. So far it has been terrific. My cohort (the inaugural cohort, no less) is full of nice, smart, hardworking people. Needless to say, I feel kinda out of place.  To prove that I was actually working hard, I took the following picture. Proof!

Photo 568

(I’m the scary head in the foreground)

We have clocked a solid 12-13 hours/day over the last 2 days with more fun to come on Friday and Saturday. During that time, I have received a couple emails form Max. He sent me codes for games he made and, per my promise,  I am not going to try to insert them into this post.

[5 minutes of inserting and then deleting]

Ok, so I inserted them and they didn’t work. Plus they kept playing this theme music that made my blog aaaaay too exciting. Sorry, Max. Back to the old drawing board (you can use the one in the office).