This year’s Summmer Reading Record

Assuming that this passes muster with the folks at the county library, the following will be our summer reading record. The theme this year is One World, Many Stories. Huntingdon County kids will be able to keep track of the books they read and the time they spend reading with images from stories taken form from every continent except Antarctica. For those keeping score:

The path is actually the body of Quetzalcoatl (Meso-American myths). We have the monkey King (China), Robinson Crusoe (Europe), Old Coyote learns a song from Locust (Native American myth), Sinbad (Middle East), three Billy Goat Gruff and the Troll under the bridge (Norwegian), how kangaroo got her pouch from the great god Byamee (Australia), Anasi in his web (Africa), the Tortoise and the Hare (Greece),the little Mermaid (Denmark) and Toad from Frog and Toad (US), The Chilean Yeti called The Beast with its paralyzing smell (Chile), a dung beetle rolling the sun across the sky (Egypt), an alien (Mars) and my bees from Clan Apis (if I’m doing this for free, I’m going to grab some glory…).

Reading Record_2011_small

Office Hours, season two finale!

Soon I will have the time to draw science cartoons again. The semester is speeding to a conclusion and the end is in sight. But it’s not here yet. So, until then, enjoy another delightful episode of Office Hours. My sons found my performance so embarrassing they ran from the room singing “la la laaa” just to avoid the awkward scene. You’ve been warned.

Family night with The Hornets.

Last Tuesday was family night at Juniata Valley Elementary school and I got to be part of the festivities. A few years back I designed some characters for my friend Laura White’s sustainability group as a way to talk about recycling with kids. They were c alled the R Squad and tehir membership included The Reducer, The Recycler, The Repairer and The Reuser. This year our shared friend Pam Grugan decided to use the R Squad for a family night at JV Elementary focused on sustainability. I played the role of visiting author/cartoonist/creator of the characters. We spent some time talking about each character and designing our character “Earthy” who played the role of planet in distress. Then everybody drew a cartoon featuring one of the characters saving Earthy from peril. It was a lot of fun for a number of reasons. First, the the Juniata Valley Hornets are great kids (with a great mascot). Second, we had a gaggle of nieces and nephews visiting who could come with us. And third, Pam had the characters blown-up life size so we could get our pictures taken with them. Lisa was on hand with her camera at the ready…

Jay 2

Jay 3

Jay 6

While I should have been grading…

…I made this movie with my nieces, nephew and sons. They are visiting from the far off land of In-di-ana (its quite exotic). I figure this will be a longer lasting memory that spending a Sunday grading questions about negative slope conductance and second messenger systems. This is also the first movie I’ve uploaded to Vimeo since I somehow deleted my Youtube account (it has something to linking to a Google account or some such nonsense that I have no desire to fuss with anymore). As you will see the kiddies did a terrific job acting. I make a voice cameo in this one.

Flushed with Excitement from Jay Hosler on Vimeo.