Darwin, Salva el Mon!

Long before I started The Sandwalk Adventures I did a one page comic called Darwin Saves the World. The strip focused on the idea of what fitness means evolutionarily. Eventually this strip would become the core of element of the third chapter the Sandwalk but the original ran in the Ohio State University Entomology Department Newsletter (tragically, the OSU Ent Dept is no more). I later posted to my website and it caught the eyes of some folks in Spain who wanted to translate it and give it some color. this first international version of my work appeared in July of 2005. Today I present the original and the colored-infused Catalan version. Muy bien!


Recycled Comics You Probably Haven’t Seen

As always, the spring semester is kicking my tail. So, in a desperate attempt to post something, I present a two page strip on SARS I did for a magazine called Your World: Biotechnology & You. This is one of a handful of strips I did for them a few years back. As a rare treat, it is in color! This strip was also part of the successful NSF grant proposal that eventually funded the production and testing of Optical Allusions.


Office Hours, Season 2!

Yes, it has been a month since my last post. What can I say? Work happens. I don’t have any new cartoon stuff, but the first episode of the second season of Office Hours is out. There is a new opening sequence that features the pencil illustrations from my storyboards. This one is pretty funny. Enjoy!