Who would win?

Tonight Max and Jack and I were sitting around the kitchen table for our pre-bed snack and talking about important things. Tonight’s topic was who would win: Marvel Comic’s Mighty Thor or Godzilla, King of the Monsters? There were good arguments for both sides, but the boys wanted to ask what you guys think. Now, I have been slavishly and narcissistically monitoring page loads for the past two months and we are getting a fair number of hits. So, this is your opportunity to chime in. Your comment only needs to be “Thor” or “Godzilla.” If you would like to include your reasoning, even better!

Cow-Boy Chronicles: Episode #21


One of the unspoken powers of all comic book superheroes is immortality. They just keep having the same adventures over and over and over again with each generation changing to the mythology around the character so that the character themselves don’t actually have to change. Gotta keep the franchise and properties in play, after all. Anyway, here we posit the possibility of a character growing old normally while playing with the forbidden knowledge that all time travelers inevitably confront (whether they know it or not).

Movie: Gorilla Shenanigans

You may have noticed we like to use the gorilla mask in many of our movies here at Hosler House Productions. Well, this feature is the original appearance of said mask. Lisa picked it up as part of the now famous Huge Half-Price Post-Halloween Costume Haul (needless to say we got lots of cheap play costumes). Anyway, this movie is the first we made with the new video camera we got for Christmas. It stars Max, Jack, my niece Ellie, nephew Levi, brother-in-law Russ, my Dad and Me (as the dope drinking the secret formula). As you can see I come by my sense of the cornball naturally.

The embedded video was acting up hen I first posted this, so if it doesn’t work, check it out on Youtube

Big Day in Harrisburg

The Standing Stone 4th graders took a field trip to Harrisburg, PA today to visit the Whitaker Center and the State Capital. I had the pleasure of chaperoning and managed to successfully wrangle my fantastic foursome through the entire day and return them safe and sound. It was a lot of fun but boy am I tired. It was great to spend the day with Max. Well worth the exhaustion I am currently feeling. Now we just need to finish up our homework for tomorrow and it is off to bed!

Read everything these guys make…

Here is a delightful video about two great cartoonists. They are great for a number of reasons. They are funny. They are talented. They do terrific science comics (please go order Stuff of Life, Bone Sharps, Cow-Boys and Thunder Lizards and T-Minus). And, they are incredibly patient with me. I have had the great good fortune of working with them (along with our editor Howard Zimmerman) on a graphic novel on evolution and it has been a thrill. In the video I think Kevin is shown working on one of the pages from the first chapter of said book. I am particularly excited about this video because a) I get to see the inside of Big Time Attic and b) they mention Vincent Stall, another of my favorite Minnesota cartoonists and someone who has the rare ability to make me laugh out loud.

Cow-Boy Chronicles: Episode 19

CB_strip_019Given that the universe is filled with constant explosions and massive discharges of energy, it has always amazed me how fragile the space/time continuum is in comics. Every time you turn around there’s another explosion ripping apart the shear fabric of reality. What’s worse is that it’s always the portal to some inhabited alternate reality that eventually spills into our own with tragic results. How come we never open rifts in space/time that connect us to universes full of chocolate flavored broccoli full of our recommended daily allowances of everything?

The X Club

In Victorian England a group of scientists lead by T.H. Huxley formed a dining club called the X Club (that is X as in Roman numeral ten, not the letter). The initial intent of the group (which was actually only comprised of 9 members) was to provide a venue for friends to stay in touch, but they became quite influential in promoting science as a professional pursuit.

Yesterday I joined the august ranks of Juniata’s X Club. As opposed to the narrow exclusivity of Huxley’s group, Juniata’s Ten Year Club recognizes anyone who has provided the college with ten years of service.  It was a nice luncheon that included roasts of all the new members and some sweet ten year bling: a pewter plate with the college’s seal and my name engraved on it. I have displayed in my office and placed it under the protection of my elite dinosaur guards.

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