Wise crack

Yesterday morning I walked out of the shower to find Max snuggling in bed with Lisa. As I proceeded with my morning routine, I put my back to my wife and first born, dropped my towel and put on my underwear. This elicited an “eck” from Max.

“Didn’t like that shot of my bottom?” I asked.

“I don’t like ANY shot of your bottom,” he replied.

It was too early in the morning for a rejoinder so I slunk out of the room and dressed elsewhere.


Last night as we were preparing for bed, Max turned to me and asked, “Do you know why I like these insect pajamas?”

“No. Why?” I asked.

“Because they’re so stylish,” said Max.

“Are my pajamas stylish?” asked Jack.

“Not in the same way,” replied Max. “My pajamas are stylish because I could walk into a store and nobody would realize I was wearing pajamas.”

I have included a picture of the too differently stylin’ Hosler boys so you readers can be the judge.

Lisa and I were in bed and the earth moved.

At about 5:30 am this morning I groggily turned to Lisa and asked her why the house was shaking. She said, “I dunno,” and rolled over. When we got up a few hours later she didn’t remember our exchange, but I did. I tuned in WFYI out of Indy to discover we (and when I say “we” I mean “I”, because Lisa, Max, Jack and Grandma and Grandpa Guerra all slept through it) had experienced a 5.2 earthquake.

I thought we were supposed to get tornadoes in Indiana….

Ahoy, it’s sexual selection!

Last night we watched a Nature special on PBS about sexual selection. It was called “What Males will Do” and focused on the singing and displays males perform to attract the atention of females. At one point in the show, the narrator declared that “males of some species will engage in combat to gain access to females.” Without missing a beat, Max turned to me and said, “Hey, Dad, just like Popeye and Bluto.” He drew a connection between biology and comics. I couldn’t be more proud.

Jack at the keyboard

Jack had his first piano lesson on Thursday and boy was he excited. He was thrilled to show off the little ditty he already knew (the now classic “Big Bass Drum” which makes masterful use of middle C and D). Dr. McCoy was mightily impressed when he declared that he had practiced it on the “electricity piano” we have at home. Later Dr. McCoy told Jack that she was going to teach the notes on the piano. Jack looked at her confused and said, “but there are only two.” Presumably, he meant only two IMPORTANT keys (the aforementioned C and D).

Walking with Lisa

I’m feeling better, today, thanks for asking. In fact, I feel strong enough to avoid more grading by writing a blog entry.

Lisa and I have started walking in the DePauw Nature Park everyday sometime between 10 and noon. It is an old limestone quarry which has been allowed to get all natural and stuff. DePauw has built a Visitors Center and a Field Station on the site. Up on the rim they have just completed the new Ethics Center.

We like to walk around the rim for the views and to get a good look at the turkey vultures. I will try to include some of the pictures later. A couple walks ago we also got up close and personal with a deer and a chorus of frogs. Ah, tranquil. A little later we encountered an unleashed bull dog barking at us like a strangling frog. Not so tranquil (which is why I now walk with a nice hunk of the aforementioned limestone).

These walks are invigorating physically and mentally. Lisa and I talk about teaching most of the time and our spirited exchanges (the naive might call it “arguing” – pff) really do a lot to stretch and focus my thinking at the same time. I have a lot to learn. Fortunately, I have a good teacher (who walks entirely TOO fast sometimes…).


Out back with Jack

Well, the plan had been to visit the zoo today. Unfortunately, I have some low-level bug making me feel lousy and it would probably be best if we waited. So we have spent the day playing piano, games, eating and cleaning up. After practicing piano, Max got to watch an episode of Good Eats (a cooking show that is just as much about chemistry as cooking). Meanwhile, Jack and I headed outside to ride his bike.

Cakes and a quote

Lisa has been out of town for the last few mornings (she took her sister Lori to Ikea in Chicago for her birthday). We boys managed to muddle through without her but we’ll all be ready for her return.

Last night we baked a cake for the Cub Scout Father/Son Cake auction. It was great opportunity to break things (eggs), mess stuff up (mix the batter) and burn junk (OK, we didn’t burn anything, but we made the cake very hot). So far so good. There was no yelling, crying or catastophic damage to Lisa’s cooking utensils. We frost the cake this afternoon after school.

The best quote uttered in the time Lisa has been away was from Jack as we were hurrying to get out of the house for school in the morning. In the bathroom, he implored Max to “pee at the speed of lightning.”