The Haunted Hotel

October 30th, 2007

On Tuesday we made the trek to Indianapolis for the Haunted Hotel. We found out right before we left that the otel had “friendly” and “frightening” hours. The friendly hours ended at 3:30 so, there was no time to make it for them. Max was still gung ho for frightening and Jack was unsure. After Max and I bought two tickets, Jack changed his mind and we made it a foursome. oth boys repeated the matra of “I’m not afraid” and “This isn’t going to scare me” all the ay up to the entrance. After the first person lept out at us, Jack did his best remora imitation and glommed onto Lisa leg. But he wasn’t afraid he said. He was just being careful (it was dark after all). The Hotel was a Haunted House at my speed. Lots of dark rooms and the scariest thing was some compressed air and shadowy figures shouting “boo.”

We wove our way through the maze of rooms for about 20 minutes before exiting through a large rotating tube. A nice touch of disorientation to top things off. Once outside, Max bought some green glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth, Jack got a multicolor spinning light and I bought a big gross squishy eye (seems fitting given my current project). There was about 15 minutes left before the museum closed and Max and Jack wanted to visit the Robots+ Us exhibit. More specifically, they wanted to visit the kiosk showing the classic Donal Duck cartoon “Mordern Marvels” )or something like that). I’m glad to see they are cultivating the proper priorities.

The cartoon finished just at closing and we joined the parade of partrons marching out. Seems this parade (with flags, etc) is the best way to get folks out. It made us all miss Huntingdon, PA. They just don’t have parades out here like they do back home.

Needlesss to say, we were all hungry and headed off to find someplace to eat. We drove up Meridian street to 86th (about 50 blocks) and in the process discovered that Max loves to navigate. Map in hand, he gleefully charted our progress past various landmarks, Lisa was relieved to finally have someone else to take over navigation chores when I am driving.

Jack had been pleading to go to Applebees for some reason, and it just so happens we found one; conveniently across the street from a Half Price Bookstore. Lisa and I couldn’t eat fast enough.

I took the first shift with the boys as Lisa looked around and, as usual in a public place, they both had to go to the bathroom. Have I mentioned our potty trips? They are usually quite extensive and involve deep conversation that divert attention from the task at hand. Both boys had to sit down, which meant we were in for about 10 minutes each (if I was lucky). In that time we talked about the nature of “number 2”, the height of the toilet paper dispenser and the loudness of the hand dryer. Both boys usually finish in the first minute, but enjoy sitting and talking. I, however, get quite anxious. There are three of us in one stall and I was paddled as a kindergartener for being part of a cadre of boys using the same same toilet (we ha just been warned not to do this, and frankly, none of us had considered it until the idea was put in our heads).

The trip home was uneventful. Except for the fact that Jack kept turning on his flashing light and I felt repeated surges of fear that I was about to be pulled over. At home, I put my new eyeball over my eye and inadvertently scared the willies out of Jack (he jumped and screamed). The upside was that he snuggled up to me that night when he went to bed, not something he has ever tended to do with me. All I had to do was give him the creeps.

Last chance for an October post

How do people blog everyday? Sheesh, just the thought exhausts me. Well, here is my one entry for October, I will try to hit the highlights of the past 6 weeks since the last post.

By mid-september we had all slipped into a comfortable groove. It was still unseasonably hot.

September 23: Grandpa and Grandma Hosler visit! We had a nice time eating and walking around the ePauw Nature park. Also, G&G Hosler brought Pokemon cards and we coudl finally give Grandpa Hosler his birthday gift (only 2.5 weeks late!). A good time was had by all.

Friday, September 28th, Lisa and I had a date! We hired a sitter and went to the opera in Bloomington. We had been given tickets by our neighbor Sheila (she was going to be in Europe). The opera was Rigoletto and it was performed by the Indiana University School of Music. We started the evening driving to Bloomington and reading the summary of the opera provided by Opera News (we wanted to know what was going on). We went dinner as the Uptown Diner (very nice) then visited Boxcar Books, an eclectic small used bookstore. Then, it was off to the opera. They have supertitles now, above the stage for those of s that don’t sing Italian. A good time was had by all.

Thursday, October 4th was the kick off of the DePauw Discourse. This year’s theme was sustainability. The opening talk was by Bill McKibben (The End of Nature) at 4pm, followed by a fancy reception and dinner (we got a sitter again!). Lisa went home after dinner, but I stayed on campus to view Leonardo DeCaprio’s environmental pic The 11th Hour.Very compelling and sobering. One of the biologists featured in the film was Wallace J.Nichols, a fellow ’89 bio alum. The next morning I did an onstage interview with J. (a la Charlie Rose). It went well, primarily since J. did most of the talking.

Tuesday-Thursday, October 9-11. I drove out to Penn State to give a talk in the PSU libraries Graphic Novels Series. The spoke on science graphic novels on Wednesday. It was a nice visit and I got to visit the comic book shop and stay with Jamie and Laura. The driving was rough though…

Weekend of October 13th-15th. Grandma and Grandpa Guerra visit and they bring cousin Sammy. They arrived late Friday, but Max and Jack were still awake in bed, so it turned into an even later night. The next day, Max went to his Super Saturday class at Purdue. Sam and jack played all morning and then Jack had to go to his friend, Sal’s, birthday party. At two everybody returned home and Grandpa, Max, Jack, Sam and jay went to the park and played on the Emerald Castle for 2 hours. That night we ate popcorn and watched episodes of the new favorite cartoon Ben 10. On Sunday we went to see the Robots + Us exhibit at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. We also visited the Dinosphere and did some serious digging! A good time was had by all.

Thursday October 18th. Parent/Teacher conferences! All is well on the academic front for Max and Jack. No red cards or alarm catastrophes since the first week of school.

October 18th: Jack has a class Harvest Party (apparently preempting the Halloween Party…). It was hoot in the holler as we played harvest bingo, ate cupcakes, payed pass the pumpkin and pin the leaf on the tree. All this, with a dollop of chaos. A good time was had by all.

October 19th. Max has a class Harvest Party (when are they going to have the Halloween party…?). There were computer games, painting pumpkins, word games and cupcakes. Oh, and complete chaos as everyone packed up to leave for the day. A good time was had by all.

Thursday, October 25. The DePauw (student newspaper) ran an article on my cartoons and asked me to contribute a strip. So, at noon on Thursday I handed in my first strip for paper in 18 years. I noticed that two decades hadn’t made me any less grumpy.

Friday October 27th. Back to Mishawaka so Max and jack could see their cousins and we coudl attend a funeral for Lisa’s Aunt Jackie.