Last Friday (the 21st of September), Jack had his first school performance. The gig consisted of a string of familiar melodies and with lyrics about various colors. Each song consisted of a refrain in which the name of the color was spelled out followed by several key examples. The highpoint of the show was the kindergarten rendition of PINK sung to the tune of Jingles Bells!

Whew. Whatta weekend.

Last weekend was quite a busy affair for the Hosler family. After school Friday we joined several other families and visited Anderson’s Orchard to pick apples. It was a sprawling orchard with row upon rows of apple types I’ve never heard of (or, for you grammarians out there, of which I’ve have never heard). After about an hour of chasing climbing trees and picking raspberries off the vine, we herded the kids down to a mall pond for a picnic. It was cool, the sun was setting, the scene was tranquil and we had to get out of there.

At 7:30 that evening I was supposed to be mingling at a wine and cheese thingee for authors participating in Saturday’s Festival of the Book put on by the Putnam County Library. We had no sitter for the kids but Lisa, not being a mingler, was not disappointed. I stayed too late drinking water and stumbled home because I had been up since four in the morning.

Saturday morning at 9:30 we kicked off the Putnam County Entomology Club at the DePauw University Nature Park. I am assisting the in comparable Tavia Pigg in this endeavor and we had about 11 enthusiastic kids and their parents show-up for a morning of collecting in a picturesque quarry that has been converted into a nature park for the community and DePauw researchers. Max and Jack demonstrated the patience required by any collector in the field. Jack netted a big grasshopper and Max got a nice sized damselfly. Things wrapped up at 11:30 and that gave us time to get home and ready for my 1:00 talk at the Festival of the Book called “The Power of Comics.”

The room was packed and the crowd was engaged. I was worried at first that people might not like to participate, but then I remembered that Max and Jack would be coming and participation would not be a problem. They did not disappoint. The session went well and we were home by 2:30. Deep breath, we weren’t done yet.

At 4 pm we were invited to a party at the Martoglio’s. They work at DePauw and their son Sal is one of Jack’s best friends in kindergarten. In between the Festival of the Book and going to the party, Lisa whipped up a little pesto dish that was quite tasty. After checking our destination, I decided it was close enough to walk. Turns out it wasn’t really, but we didn’t know that until after we were lost. Well, not exactly lost. More like, I didn’t know where we were going. So, already late, Lisa and the boys started walking back the house while I ran ahead to get the car. In the end, we wound up being fashionably late and no one noticed.

The party was loads of fun and we met several new people. The kids had a big backyard to play in which eventually became fertile ground for a massive squirt gun battle. We took that as our cue to skidoo. We needed to get home to get ready for a trip to Grandma and Grandpa Hosler’s on Sunday to pick-up the Winter clothes they were storing for us.

Fortunately for our weary band, Grandma and Grandpa Hosler volunteered to come to us with the stuff. We all went to Jackson’s Restaurant for lunch (Marvin’s wasn’t open) and the boys received Pokemon cards form their one and only supply source for such material. After lunch we took a walk at the Nature Park and Grandpa taught Max and Jack how to skip stones on the water. We had a nice visit and got our winter clothes. Of course, Grandma and Grandpa drove off with boys car seats and Uno cards, so it was an even exchange.

A few minutes later we all passed out and didn’t wake up until Tuesday morning.