Wilbur and Aunt Edna in “The Great Respiration Caper.”

Sabbatical is here (thanks, Juniata College) and I have time to work on books and research projects. This blog should be a good venue to chronicle my activities.

The first project is finishing the final chapter of my epic energy flow trilogy. It started with trapping energy in the Photosynthesis story, continued with a story on how ATP works and now the we unlock all of that trapped energy in the “The Great Respiration Caper.” I will try to post a page a day until it is done. My plan is to complete it by the middle of next month, so stay tuned. I post these pages because I hope teachers and students may find them useful. Consequently, I want the story to be as accurate as possible. You are invited to provide feedback on any and all aspects that can be improved.

Our story begins with Wilbur, a glucose molecule and a great big hammer…