Office Hours

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Well, I’m not going to say too much about this episode except…my family will be so proud of me.  If my students see this I am guaranteed to lose what little credibility I have left. One things for sure: I’ll never EVER sit on my desk in class….

…but life has been considerably busier. just got back from a conference and have tests to grade. ugh. I long to do some more photosynthesis pages, but for now you will have to be content with the latest installment of Office Hours. I work very hard to look pained in this one.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, there is a group of folks on campus working on an ongoing web series called Office Hours. The most recent episode is out and I make my debut as Mark Deacon, lecturer in Russian History. As you will see, I won’t be quitting my day job.

Office Hours

Have you been curious about my office hours? I post them, but few students ever show. Well, just in case you like to enjoy your office hours at home, here is the first episode of a new web series called Office Hours. View it at your convenience. The whole schmear is a production of a stalwart band of folks here at Juniata College. Faculty, staff. students and alumni act, film, produce, direct and edit the whole shebang. I do the storyboards and make my screen debut in the next episode as Mark Deacon. Stay tuned!