Office Hours, season two finale!

Soon I will have the time to draw science cartoons again. The semester is speeding to a conclusion and the end is in sight. But it’s not here yet. So, until then, enjoy another delightful episode of Office Hours. My sons found my performance so embarrassing they ran from the room singing “la la laaa” just to avoid the awkward scene. You’ve been warned.

Office Hours, Season 2!

Yes, it has been a month since my last post. What can I say? Work happens. I don’t have any new cartoon stuff, but the first episode of the second season of Office Hours is out. There is a new opening sequence that features the pencil illustrations from my storyboards. This one is pretty funny. Enjoy!

Office Hours, season finale.

The sixth and final episode of Office Hours is now available online. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the show, Office Hours is a web comedy about life in academia. It was recently covered by the Chronicle of Higher Ed. Although this is not exactly science comics, I did do the story boards (which are sort of like comics) and I am one of the actors (and I am sort of like a scientist). The episode is embedded below for those of you who have been following along. If you are new to it, check out the show’s Juniper College website. The episodes are arranged with the first on the far right and the latest on the far left. So to watch them in order you need to go from right to left. Like manga. (Am I good at superficial comic connections, or what?)

Office Hours

Have you been curious about my office hours? I post them, but few students ever show. Well, just in case you like to enjoy your office hours at home, here is the first episode of a new web series called Office Hours. View it at your convenience. The whole schmear is a production of a stalwart band of folks here at Juniata College. Faculty, staff. students and alumni act, film, produce, direct and edit the whole shebang. I do the storyboards and make my screen debut in the next episode as Mark Deacon. Stay tuned!