Surface Area, Volume and the Meaning of Life

Okay, no meaning of life here, but this new story will definitely try to tackle the relationship between surface area and volume in biological systems. If cellular respiration was an unlikely topic for a story, this might be turning the unlikely dial up to ’11.’ We’ll give it a shot. In my opinion, this is a big idea in biology and I stress it early and often in my general biology course. Keep me posted with thoughts, ideas and corrections.


The Great Respiration Caper, The Grand Finale!

Welcome to Finale Friday!

This story has been hanging over my head for two years so, my first sabbatical goal was to finish it. I gave myself a February 28th deadline and I made it a day early.

Cellular respiration is not a topic that immediately leaps to mind as a perfect comic story, but I backed myself into this corner. When I did the photosynthesis story, my goal was to make an incredible biological process more accessible for my students. It’s amazing. Plants pull CO2 form the air to build themselves. They are made of air!

Anyway, In the process, I really grew to love Ant Edna and Wilbur and wanted to do another story with them. I settled on a story about ATP because I believe every biology student should know how ATP drives reactions in the body. These two stories fit well into the sequence of topics I teach in Bio II. I talk about trapping energy in a glucose molecule and how that energy is used in the body. Of course, the next topic I cover is cellular respiration and it represents the logical conclusion to the previous two stories. Photosynthesis catches energy and cellular respiration releases it.

This was one of the most challenging stories I’ve ever tried to do and I would appreciate any feedback from instructors and students. And now, here are the final two pages.

You can read the whole story here.