The 2015 Invertebrate Biology Comics is here!

Christmas just came early! The students in my Invertebrate Biology course have finished their final exam and turned in the their comics. Now it’s time for me to grade and you to kick back and enjoy their sci-quential art masterpiece. Here’s the link. It’s big, so try right clicking on it to download to your device.

Surface Area, Volume and The Meaning of Life, Episode 10

We took a little break as classes, soccer and marching band all started at the same time. And don’t even get us started on the meal for 100 that we had to cook. But, now we’re back and getting our sea legs under us. Of course, Word Press has “updated” its features (insert: sound of no one cheering) and I can’t do things the way I have in the past. Fingers crossed that I figure it out soon!

If anyone knows how to get the stupid border off the image I would appreciate the help. Prior to the update I could just set the border to zero, but I don’t see to have that option anymore.

Anyway, in today’s episode Wilbur says “Squeee!”

You can read every twist and fold of the tale here.