In this episode, the set-up is finally over and the fun is ready to begin.

You can read the whole story here.

As Snowmageddon rolls across the northeast, we find ourselves snug at home on a snow day. If you are in a similar situation, then pull up a monitor and enjoy the latest installment of The Great Respiration Caper.

In this episode, Wilbur and Ant Edna encounter shady charactes and even shadier word play.

You can read the whole story here.

This is a Snow Day Exclusive! Lisa doesn’t have to teach, the boys don’t have to go to school and I’m just a bum this semester.

In this episode, Wilbur cools off and Ant Edna has company.

In this explosive installment, Wilbur’s plan blows up in his face. If you are just joining us, you can read the entire story to date here.


My beetle book is back from the printers and all I can say is “Homina Homina!” The publisher, First Second, did an absolutely phenomenal job designing the book. For those that want a sneak peek, they have posted a series of images on their web site.

Many friends and readers will know this book as Age of Elytra, the working title I used for the last, well, decade.

Sabbatical is here (thanks, Juniata College) and I have time to work on books and research projects. This blog should be a good venue to chronicle my activities.

The first project is finishing the final chapter of my epic energy flow trilogy. It started with trapping energy in the Photosynthesis story, continued with a story on how ATP works and now the we unlock all of that trapped energy in the “The Great Respiration Caper.” I will try to post a page a day until it is done. My plan is to complete it by the middle of next month, so stay tuned. I post these pages because I hope teachers and students may find them useful. Consequently, I want the story to be as accurate as possible. You are invited to provide feedback on any and all aspects that can be improved.

Our story begins with Wilbur, a glucose molecule and a great big hammer…

Two class comics in one semester? It’s true! Here is the 2014 Animal Behavior comic. I think it came out really well. In honor of the role that genetics and the environment plays on behavior, the students have entitled this anthology…

Nature & Nerd-Ture


Yeesh, has it been 2 years since I put something on my blog? I will be better on sabbatical next semester.

Anyway, I am delighted to present “I See Comics 2014.” This is an anthology of comic stories created by my students in Comics and Culture. For those not in the know, Comiss and Culture is a general education course I teach my my friend Dave Hsiung. Dave handles most of the history of comics and I focus on the art side. The stories in this collection have gone through multiple written and visual drafts. The students never disappoint and always surprise me.

Click on the link below to download the pdf. It is about 23 MB but it is worth the allocated storage space.

I See Comics 2014

Announcing The Ultimate proximate Funnies, a colletction of student comics from my 2012 Animal Behavior class. These 44 pages are packed with tricksters and lovers, predators and prey, and an all-star cast of critters. You can download the full comic here.  I have included a few sample stories by Jennifer Robertson, Michael Dunkelberger, Nicole Marks and Gabrielle Cannon, respectively.







I know what you’re going to say:”Jay Hosler is one of THOSE parents. Trying to mold his his kids in his own image.” I’m not, I swear. If I were my kids would be a writhing ball of neuroses desperately (and constantly) seeking the approval of others.  Trust me, those are not my kids. No, the following comic was completely Max’s idea. For his school writing project he had to incorporate an image to his explanation. He decided to do a mini-comic on ribozymes. I was obviously delighted because, hey, science comics! I can help with that! He did a terrific job. He wrote and revised the explanation a couple of times and then did the layout of the entire story himself, penciling and inking the whole piece himself. He is sooooo far ahead of where I was at his age.


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